What to Expect

The Caldwell Homes Building Process

Our goal is to provide an outstanding collaborative experience with open communication so that your home building journey is smooth and transparent.

1. Building Your Vision

Your home is a direct reflection of you.  And with Caldwell Homes, you have the freedom to dream big.  That’s why, from initial planning to final move-in, we ensure that your home building journey is transparent and collaborative. This is your opportunity to make a house your home. Collaborate with your sales professional to make the design decisions that best reflect your lifestyle. 

2. Pre-Construction Meeting

Prior to construction, your dedicated new home builder representative will meet with you for 1 to 3 hours to review your home selection and structural options. We want to make sure you understand how the home fits on your chosen lot, your elevation selections and all other functional items required to begin construction. We also review the preliminary production schedule, safety requirements when visiting the site, and critical dates to consider during the construction process. 

3. Pre-drywall Meeting

Prior to installing the drywall, we will walk you through the home to review enregy effeciency componets, plumbing and electrical detail as well as critical building science components so you can understand how the home performs behind the walls. This is also a time to confirm home selctions and estimated timing of completion.

4. Orientation Meeting

This takes place one week prior to closing to review how the components of your home function. Included is a 1-2 hour demonstration of all mechanical operations, a review of all manufacturer manuals/warranties, and how to submit warranty requests through the customer portal.

5. Pre-closing Meeting

Two days prior to closing, we will have a final walk through of your home. The purpose is to follow up on items addressed from orientation meeting. This will require a final sign off from you and should not take more than 1 hour.

6. Welcome Home

Congratulations on becoming a Caldwell Homes homeowner, keep an eye out for an appointment request to discuss important move-in warranty information.