Lifestyle  |  March 06, 2019

Top Reasons to Live in Gated Communities

Gated communities are amongst the most popular features of neighborhoods for new homes. It’s no secret that homeowners prefer to live in a gated community, but perhaps there are some added benefits you hadn’t thought of.  Check out this list below of additional benefits buyers find appealing about living behind the gates:

Sense of Security

The majority of people inside the gates will be residents with the exception of a few visitors.  Limiting “through” traffic reduced traffic volume and provides for a safer bike and pedestrian experience.

Added Sense of Privacy

Since access to the neighborhood and through traffic are controlled, there is a greater sense of privacy.  

Appearances are Kept Up

Included in HOA fees are regular maintenance and landscaping of common areas, roads, sidewalks, curbs, and more. This maintenance helps keep the community looking its best and even extend your own front yard, which means less lawn mowing and maintenance for you.

Quiet Atmosphere & Beauty

Gated communities tend to be quieter and more peaceful areas that are surrounded by picturesque beauty. The landscaping is maintained, and the noise is controlled for a more peaceful living experience.

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